In this Ocean Class you will be able to increase your understanding about the rivers and oceans around us via the two sections themed on “About the Ocean” and “About a Fish”.
・ What is an ocean?
・ How is a tide formed?
・ What is ocean current?
・ How is the life of a river like?
・ Ocean pollution problems
・ What are the five oceans?
・ What is the longest river in China?
・ What does seawater taste bitter and salty?
・ How are icebergs and shorelines formed?
・ How are coral reefs formed?
・ How does water circulate on the Earth?
・ How do lakes and waterfalls come from?
How are coral reefs formed?
What we commonly call Coral is really a colony of millions of tiny animals called polyps which work together to build the complex structures of the reef. Each polyp is genetically identical to its neighbors and all are carnivorous, crowned by a ring of stinging tentacles. Corals don’t just live on the reef – they build it. Laying down layer upon layer of limestone, the Corals have created this multidimensional world. There are more than five hundred different coral species on the Great Barrier Reef – each with its own technique for survival. The plate coral is adept at the art of catching light. The fast growing stag horn wins the race for space with branches spreading 15 cm a year while the slow and steady brain corals may take 25 years to grow to human head size but could be around for a 100 years more.
・ Can fish breathe out of water?
・ Do fish drink water?
・ How do fish breathe underwater?
・ How do fish survive ocean pressure?
・ What is a fish?
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