“My Green Planet” – Teachers’ Marine Club
Teachers, we thank you for all the hard work!
Education is one of the very important functions of Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, and the Teachers’ Marine Club hopes to gather all preschool and primary school teachers who hope to see a more beautiful Earth and wish to protect the aquatic life.
The Teachers’ Marine Club provides you a platform to exchange teaching knowledge; discover more materials to teach students regarding knowledge of aquatic life; improve your teaching; and chances to participate in expeditions and learning trips. The Club will discuss on various interesting and meaningful teaching activities and proposal, organize hands-on learning tours, and enrich your teaching career.
Being a part of this Club gives you many benefits, where you will enjoy many member-exclusive services, tickets offers; more members-only activities (with different themes); receive the latest news regarding the exhibitions; and participate in “My Green Planet” courses for free.
The Club is open to all teachers, and it is free! You can register online, or do it at the Aquarium itself. When you receive the membership card, please remember to bring the card and present it in order to enjoy the entitled benefits.
For more details about the Teachers’ Marine Club, you can call the education department at: 58779988, or email us at: jane@sh-soa.com, zhuwq@sh-aquarium.com, shisx@sh-aquarium.com.
Be a member of the Teachers’ Marine Club!
How to apply?
You just have to fill up the online registration/renewal form on our website, submit it, and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Exclusive Benefits
If you are a member of the Teachers’ Marine Club, you are entitled to the following benefits:
  • Enjoy 15% discount for 3 tickets every year
  • Entitled to participate in training and expedition trips, local and overseas
  • Attend “My Green Planet” training courses for free
  • Receive newsletter from Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, and be updated of the latest news and activities of the Aquarium and the Club.
  • If a team of the school, which a member belongs to, visits the Aquarium through reservation by the Education Department in our aquarium, he/she is entitled to the following benefits:
    1. If the member is leading the team, he/she can visit the Aquarium for free. 1 credit points will be given for every student in the team, and 2 points for the parent. All points collected can be exchangeable for prizes on a regular basis.
    2. Receive a 50% discount on tour guide fees
    3. Receive a 30% discount on fees payable for the use of convention centre for school meetings by school leaders or teachers.
    4. Learning kits will be provided for free.
    5. Exploration courses will be provided for free. Each course lasts for 20 minutes.
    6. Customization of visit tours in the Aquarium will be provided for free (different themes are available for different age groups and objective of the visit).
Take note:
  1. The membership only lasts for a year, starting from the day of registration. To renew the membership, just contact us, and it will be renewed automatically.
  2. The Teachers’ Identification card will need to be presented for application. The membership card needs to be presented in order to enjoy the above mentioned benefits.
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